Expert Fisherman, I mean Fisherbird

I was sitting by this small waterfall several weeks ago and noticed the ducks I was watching started raising hell about something. Just then this bird swooped down and flew right above the ducks as if to let them know in no uncertain terms that he was here and they need to find another place to paddle around. This bird seemed to be on a mission and I quickly figured out what it was. He glided down and landed on a rock next to where the water falls making a little turbulent area where the water swirls around. He stood there looking at the water for a few minutes. It didn't take him long to pick out his appetizer for this evening then plunge his head into the water and grabbed what was to be the beginning of a full 6 course meal consisting of one thing, fish. He kept plunging his head in and every time he came out with a fish. He ate so many fish that I didn't think he was going to be able to fly off when he finished. I do think he was struggling a little to stay in the air but I'm sure he was thinking to himself "take that you bread eating duck wimps."

I shot about 30 frames of this guy fishing from different angels. I like these two. I like the first one because of the look on the face of the fish. Wait, do fish have faces? Anyways he knows he's about to be  dinner!
The second one is dramatic and shows the action of him using his whole body to get the momentum to quickly plunge his head through the surface of the water to catch his dinner. This bird was a pro at this.

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