Brecken - Mobile, Alabama

This guy is a ball of energy. I started the shoot away from the playground and I'm lucky I did because once we made our way over to the slides and climbing whatevers there was no way I was keeping up with him. He had already figured out he could throw giant handfuls of the grass that had been recently cut at me without mom and dad stopping him so somehow I must be OK. I even had fun taking pictures of him then jumping up to avoid getting covered in dead grass. I didn't always jump up in time and I had the dead grass down the back of my shirt to remind me I need to move a little quicker. We shot this in a park in Mobile, Al. a little before sunset and between the tall grass around the water and the playground it turned out to be the perfect spot for me to get pictures and Brecken to enjoy being there. I will be doing this again.

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