House Family Portrait - Mobile, Alabama

Robin and I have been friends with Robert for over 10 years now and Layne was my son Conner's favorite school teacher before he even knew what school was. Now they have the newest House family member. This guy is super cute and he knows who should get the most attention. Conner came with me for this shoot and I volunteered him to be my assistant. You know, really important stuff like carrying bags and light stands and stuff. I did have to bribe him a little with the promise to go to Game Stop on the way back. The thought of a new Xbox game seemed to greatly improve his willingness to help me out. I'm going to pretend he came along just to help out his Dad so don't spoil my delusions and remind me the cost of these new Xbox games.
Layne had decided she wanted a brick wall with ivy for the background but this turned to be harder than I thought to find this time of year so we decided to hold off on the ivy hunting until the weather warms up a bit and get half of the background she wanted.
Little Robert was way more interested in what was going on around us and considering his Dad is a photographer too he is probably too used to having a Nikon in his face all the time.
I was laying on the ground most of the time while we were shooting and I had Conner adjusting the light output as we were loosing daylight fast and trying to act like an oversized, insane chicken monkey to get little guy's attention. The first picture above shows the look of a kid when he sees a 11 year old jumping up and down making weird noises while another guy who is obviously not right is laying on the ground in a parking lot. I think the third photo is when he heard this circus act of a photo shoot was almost over. Robert should enjoy the little rest he gets now because the baby delivery stork is stretching it's wings to bring another little Robert to the House family. Watch out ladies....

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