A "Professonal" picture of my kids.

Robin wanted a Picture of Conner and Collin to put in with the Christmas cards we sent out and I realized I didn't have a very recent one for her. About the same time I also realized she was stuffing the Christmas cards in envelopes so I had to figure out something fast. I grabbed my camera sitting next to my desk and yelled out for Conner and Collin to come into the room. They had no idea I was going to take their picture which is probably why they actually came in the room. I told them to stand a few feet away from the wall in the only spot they could find that didn't have a light stand, tripod, or some sort of light modifying apparatus thingy in it. I put the flash on my camera and pointed backwards into a big white reflector. I got about 3 pictures when they decided I was done. So of the 3 this was the best one. We sent it off to the local high end printing service WalMart via their online ordering site. When we got there to pick them up the photo department lady wouldn't give them to us saying they can't reproduce professional pictures without written consent from the copyright holder. I said "Great, that's me." I don't think she believed me until Robin showed her other pictures I took of them on her phone. After which she let me sign their copyright release. Woo hoo, the lady at WalMart thinks my quickie snapshot of my kids taken in my home office was taken in a professional photography studio. I didn't even get out of my chair when I took it. She said she could tell by the lighting and professional background. "The background is a wall in my office" I told her. She didn't look happy. So a few dollars later and my head swelling from my expanded ego, just kidding, we had our Christmas card pictures. It's not the most Christmasy picture and really it's not even that great of a picture but it's what my kids look like everyday so we were happy with it. And yes they are both standing up, Conner is that much taller than Collin. Maybe next year we'll rent some reindeer, have some snow brought in and ask Santa Clause to drop by early again. I do know Santa by the way.

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