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I had the '89 CRXsi when I was younger and it is my favorite car that I have owned. It was like driving a go cart everyday and was perfect for Robin and me at the time since we didn't have any kids or any reason to have a bigger vehicle. A few years ago I read that Honda was going to rerelease the CRX again but as a more modern car with airbags, antilock breaks and all the new technology and such. The concept car images were awesome and I said if they come out with anything even close to that I want it.   I had said I wanted a black one but had pretty talked myself out of getting a two seater "sports" car considering we have kids now. Robin knew how much I wanted one and told me I would regret not getting it. Robin, Conner, Collin and I went to the Honda dealership in Daphne, AL. and I was really just wanting to see one in person and maybe test drive one. They only had 3 and only one of those was a manual transmission. It was a pearl white, I got to test drive it and convinced Robin to test drive it. A few hours later were signing the paperwork on my first new car. I've had my CRZ for just over a year now. We actually bought it 2 days after the dealerships got them and the first day they put it out on the show room floor. When we registered for the tag the state didn't even have it in their database. The lady at the DMV told me I it was the first one in the state to register one. I didn't win anything for that. Considering I was driving a 2001 Chevy Tahoe Z71 that gets around 15 mpg this car's savings in gas makes up about about half the monthly note. The sticker stated about 37 mpg and I was ok with that but I've averaged just shy of 42 mpg and have had tanks average over 45. Oh yeah, it's considered a hybrid. At the time I didn't really want a hybrid. I knew they are heavier and slower. They don't handle all that well and I don't have the urge to hug on trees but that's the only way it comes. After having it for a year, I like how the motor turns off at a stop, I like getting the 40+ mpg without really trying and as far as the speed and handling, it's damn good enough. It really reminds me of my old CRX, just nicer. Conner and Collin see it as a treat to get to ride in the CRZ and Robin even likes the way it drives. It's not as fast as my CRX but the CRX didn't have power steering, a pile of airbags or traction control. My CRX did have power windows and locks but I did that myself, I had mad 12volt skills back then. Conner even said he want's the CRZ as his car when he is old enough to drive. Err... we'll see about that. We still have the big Tahoe for now and use it for road trips with the kids and to carry stuff that won't fit in my car. I can still drive the Tahoe when I need to get my redneck on too. 

    The picture below is my actual car and yes Mom, I took the picture myself. Conner helped. 

The two below are old film photographs I took of my CRX. My photography skills have improved a little since then. 
See the "Just Married", that was 17 years ago last Saturday.

This was on our honeymoon to Gatlinburg, TN. I know Robin looks like she's 12, she was old enough to drive. Check out those cool shades. 

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