Fitness Silhouette 

The new Nikon D4 and D800 have finally come out. I have been holding out replacing my D300 and waiting for the D700 replacement for over a year. I was getting pretty excited and saving my money because I knew it would be out any day. When I started reading the rumored specs I had my doubts about it really being 36mp. How in the world could they get a 36mp sensor to beat the D700's lack of noise and not sell it for more money. Well they didn't, sort of. It looks like the noise is as good or better than the D700 but it cost more, and the stinking battery grip is like $600. I thought about it and I can't justify $3000 for a camera and another $600 for the grip. I don't have that much saved up anyways. I can get a used D3 for under $3000 and that's still a really cool looking..., I mean excellent preforming camera. I'm sure if I had a chance to play with the D800 I would get the wants for it but it's not going to happen anytime soon.

 I've been really busy doing non photography stuff and a bit bummed out that I can't keep a current piece of equipment in my bag. My cameras are a few years old. My lenses aren't the newest versions and my SB900 I just bought, thanks American Express points, has been already been replaced with the SB910. My Pocket Wizards aren't the cool new ones with the built in TTL or the new Plus 3 version. My biggest CF cards are the 4G Lexar Professional 300x models. I can only get like 150 pictures on a card before I have to swap it out. What am I going to do with just 150 pictures on a card. That's almost embarrassing. My light stands are hand-me-down Colortran brand. Anybody ever heard of those? I just remembered I do have some of the frio cold shoes Robin and I got from the David Hobby/Joe McNally Flash Bus Tour. I don't think they have been changed yet. These are awesome by the way. While I sit here and sulk that my camera gear won't work anymore because it's all so old I though I'd share a picture I made yesterday with my old outdated gear. 

 Robin was exercising in out 3rd bedroom or home office or as the kids call it Dad's computer room, Mom's exercise room. I was sitting on the floor petting one of our dogs and thought I would see if my camera still worked. Seems it still does. Robin doesn't like working out around other people but as proof that I can still get lucky with a camera every so often she let me share this one. This set up was pretty fancy. Not really. Bare SB900 on a stand behind her on the left and a bare SB800 on a stand on behind her on the right. I used the pop up flash shooting a high dollar light modifier also known as a coffee filter for a touch of fill and to trigger the other flashes in manual mode. They were powered way down to keep from lighting up the back wall to much. It is painted dark grey which helped. My desk and iMac are actually behind her. I had to paint a little negative exposure to knock them down to black. I used the trial version of Lightroom 4 to make it B&W and the Beta of Photoshop CS6 to put the two images together. I really like both of those pieces of software a lot. Hopefully they don't expire too soon. She's looking pretty good for the mother of two boys but anyone that can run 10 miles without passing out has earned it. Now if I can just get myself motivated to get up and walk to the couch I think I'll make us some tea and call it a night.

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